Zelah – Run Away

Heartbreak, Love, Hate and the realisation that the decay of a relationship can lead to the liberation of the soul. ZELAH burst out with a moody electronic tune that is just so mystifying and beautifully dark. ‘I don’t want you back’, a huge expression that I ‘aint’ no second best!

ZELAH named after the lead singer, are Zelah Van-Gowler, Elliot Neale, Sindbad Gillam, Connor Crabb and James Burwell. A fresh undertaking for Zelah and her new band. As a previous solo artist, Zelah has found a perfect dynamic with the boys that is so wonderful and polished. The production is fantastic and the whole balance of the song is gorgeous. The moody overtones and the whip of the drums are just perfect. It’s the attention to detail that stands out for me and the song rises and falls with a grandeur that surprised and excited me.

The songwriting is extraordinary and a strong vocalist like Zelah Van-Gowler will push this band to new and exciting places. I adore this song and although it’s not my usual vein of music It left me wanting more… Not to say this song is lacking in anyway but it pulled me in, and I could feel the honest and raw emotion just screaming out from the darkness. Zelah has a standout sound that she can effortlessly move and adapt from soft harmonious soulful singing to amazing gritty in-your-face vocals. The sound is awesome and gives the perfect edge to this deep, heart-wrenching production that is both hypnotic and infectious. This is such a powerful piece and Zelah holds you perfectly in her grasp, lingering on every word.

I’d love to hear a real high tempo rock tune with big thundering drums from this band. Zelah’s dynamic voice would sound incredible and with the range she has could really smash it out. The potential they have is awesome and this is a great start to what I can only see as being an astronomical career. Showing huge appreciation for the bands and people that inspire them, the band seem humble and this is a good foundation for them to have. I often sit and think why I love new music so much, then I hear a band of this calibre and it all becomes clear. Its just so ballsy and fresh! The charts are full of similarity and over polished replicas churning out boring, often uninspiring music. When I hear a band like ZELAH emerging from the shadows new and hungry, it definitely excites me.

Check them out now, Run Away is available on all major platforms.  

We Caught Up With The Band For A Quick Chat

Your sound is very different to the current ‘Indie’ sounds that are currently being produced, what do you feel sets you apart from the ‘herd’?

It’s interesting because we never set out with a particular aim to sound different or alternative, and I think that in itself is what has made us stand out. We our proud lovers of pop music, and take a lot of influence from bands such as London Grammar and Oh Wonder. Everything we’ve written has come from an honest place relating to how we feel and we’ve avoided trying to mould our sound into being more ‘indie’ or conform to what’s popular. The sound is just us and our personalities coming through in our music.

How would you describe your paticular style of music?

Atmospheric, slightly electronic, moody pop combined with melodic hooks and memorable guitar riffs.

What’s your songwriting process?

Zelah and Elliot both do a lot of co-writing together which has proven to be a really effective approach. Often one of us will initially come up with an idea or demo which we will then work on together to transform into the final song.

Who are your biggest influences?

London Grammar, Oh Wonder, the xx and Daughter are all massive influences and bands we listen to regularly.

With the introduction of Spotify and other services that allow easy one-click streaming. There is a lot of discussion in the industry about whether streaming services do more harm than good. Do you feel they benefit new / up and coming bands and artists?

 I think that Spotify can be really beneficial to new artists, getting on a good playlist can be great for promotion and gaining more fans, and being able to reach as wide an audience as possible is the most important thing to us. The money side of it isn’t so great, however, that’s never been the reason why we make music. It’s so hard to make money in the music industry as a whole in this day and age, and there are definitely other ways to make money through music distribution when a band becomes more established (thank god for vinyl).

What shows have you got coming up, and what can we expect from the upcoming Live shows?

We have a show at Komedia in Bath on June 8th which we are really excited about, and we are currently planning a full string of dates for October. Over summer we are predominantly focusing on writing and recording in order to make the set as good as it can be for these dates. Our main aim is to be able to give our audiences a sound that emulates the recordings and more.

Words by Stuart Bratby // An Indiescribable x Gig Addict Collaboration