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Hailing from the seaside town of Blackpool, The Atmospherics have burst onto the scene with the youth and exuberance which has seen a stratospheric rise for the relatively young band.

Formed organically in college in 2013, they have gone from strength to strength building a solid foundation and a huge growing following across the globe. The debut EP was given extensive airplay via BBC introducing, with all five tracks featured regularly over several weeks after release. Radio play has also been afforded to the band in several countries including the U.S A, Canada, Sweden and most recently in Holland. Described as ‘Indie Pop’, they bring a wise head to young shoulders and work tirelessly on their art. The band consisting of David Mangnall – Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar, Sam Snibson – Lead Guitar/Vocals, Matthew Yates – Bass Guitar and Josh Longton – Drums, are a formidable force whose rise to success shows no sign of slowing down. They have been met with rapturous applause from all those that see them live and have had amazing feedback to the bouncy, infectious tunes that they effortlessly create.

I was lucky enough to catch the lads in Rotherham as they played a supporting slot for the ‘The Leathernecks’, alongside ‘Mint’ and ‘Liberty Ship’. It was obvious from this gig that the band has something truly special… As the music started to flow the crowds gathered and the atmosphere just lit up as the boys played along doing what they do best. I am a huge fan of their 2016 release ‘Chances’, which was featured heavily in my ‘ones to watch’ playlist and seeing this live was incredible..! They bring such enthusiasm and charisma to the stage and it’s easy to see why they are quickly becoming a firm fan favourite.

‘Senses’ the new single from ‘The Atmospherics’ is an absolute beauty of a track. The band has such a way with words, Mangnall’s voice is just perfection on this track and the production is incredible. Attention to detail and crisp production seems to be something the Lads pride themselves on when it comes to their artistic vision. They seem to get everything just right, without it feeling forced or like they are trying to copy ideas which have already been done. I first noticed this on the single and video for Chances, the video quality and the sound mix is something that some signed artists struggle to master but ‘The Atmospherics’ have nailed it. This hasn’t happened by accident and they have picked the best in the business to work with having producers Ady Hall and Lee McCarthy work with them on Chances at Sugarhouse Studios. For Sense they worked at Edge Studio who have previously recorded and produced the likes of The Script, Plan B and Lily Allen. The song was also mastered by Pete Maher who has mastered The Rolling Stones and U2. The quality of production they put into their sound, it’s obvious that they haven’t cut any corners.

The band has an artistic flair for writing meaningful lyrics without it being overbearing or in your face. ‘Senses’ is a prime example of this incredible song writing and they seem to have gone above and beyond with this track. “How do I fill my shoes, I’m size ten, but still confused… I’m inattentive too, Your point of view”. The feeling I get is that this song is about youthfulness and the expectation to be perceived a certain way as you grow up whilst still feeling like your young. It’s a common theme and thought we all have as we get older, that we should be ‘Adult’ whilst still feeling like we are a teenager. Responsibility thrust upon us with no real feel for the change, living with self-doubt and the feeling that nothing makes Sense. The imagery created that the tide is rising and time is slipping away and the mixed emotions that come with that, it’s just spectacular.

This is just my perception of the song though and I may be well off the mark… But that’s the thing about clever writing, it means different things to different people. The ‘Indie Pop’ feel suits the boys to a tee and they are a great bunch of lads who you can see are having an absolute ball whilst honing their craft.

Check out the new single its an absolute cracker!!


We Caught Up With The Lads For A Quick Chat


A lot of Northen bands are often compared to the Arctic Monkeys, how do you feel about these comparisons and do you think its hard to set yourself apart from the Mainstream elite?

It’s probably only natural that a great deal of up and coming bands from our half of the country will get compared in some way with AM. Alex Turner’s songwriting is a huge influence to us of course and the absolute swagger they had for a young band starting out was an inspiration to many, we think. And although yeah, we do occasionally incorporate certain elements of the Arctics in the way we approach our music and style,  but we are more generally driven by melodies, choruses and hooks, rather than the observational angst and ‘Northern lad’ lyrical way that the Arctics started out. We like to think we write lyrics that connect with our peers in a thoughtful way. But saying that, AM do remain big heroes of ours.

How would you describe your particular style of music?

We have been described as Indie-Pop. It’s something we don’t mind at all and it’s quite a fair description really. Melodies are always very important in the way we write our songs as well as creating an earworm that folks will remember and perhaps sing along to. I think every band loves to hear the sound of an audience singing their songs back at the stage at live shows! We are no different.

What’s your songwriting process?

It varies really. Generally we start out with creating the music, with maybe Sam writing a riff on guitar, adding a bassline and drums, working on a structural idea and then adding lyrics and melody to suit what we have. Sometimes we base it on a theme or life experience, like we did with ‘Sense’. But we like to think as young lads we are still very much evolving with our song writing and getting better as we go.

Who are your biggest influences?

Funnily enough we are all pretty different in our tastes. You could probably generally split us into two halves! Dave and Josh are very much the pop lovers in the band, with Sam and Matt a little more on the Rock side. They love the likes of Muse, Radiohead and the heavier more progressive stuff. Dave loves a bit of R&B and bands like the DMA’s. Josh is really into The Amazons at the moment and a big fan of Catfish and The Bottlemen. Bits of everything from everyone tend to creep into our music at some point. We love loads of different stuff.

With the introduction of Spotify and other services that allow easy one click streaming. There is a lot of discussion in the industry about whether streaming services do more harm than good. Do you feel they benefit new / up and coming Bands and Artists?

It’s something that usually splits opinion. From our perspective it’s just a simple case of getting our songs out there and heard. As a band starting out, any platform that provides people with an opportunity to hear our stuff is always a positive thing. At this moment making big bucks from music isn’t a priority, unless we are lucky enough in the future to be able to achieve that. What is important is that as many people get to know our songs as possible and we can progress from there. Streaming has it’s for’s and against’s, but as it currently stands, we are fine with it.

What shows have you got coming up, and what can we expect from the upcoming Live shows?

Last year we tended to take every single gig going. This year we are trying to be a little more measured in our approach. The aim is to spread our wings a bit more and hopefully have the time to travel out further across the UK.
We have a show coming up in St. Helens next, before heading down to London to do our first ever show there on the 25th June, which we are buzzing about!  Then in July we play in Sheffield at Tramlines, Rotherham again, for Beanfest and a festival in Formby on Merseyside. We love Yorkshire as the crowds have always been brilliant and we are building up a decent little following there.
Anyone who comes to our shows can expect an energetic performance and we do like to think we give it 100%. And obviously meeting up with our fans and friends is always a massive bonus.

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Words by Stuart Bratby // An Indiescribable x Gig Addict Collaboration