The fantasy field in the furthest corner of Glastonbury Festival, Shangri La, has announced its 2016 line up.

Acts include Mark Ronson & Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, Reef, Kate Tempest, Craig Charles, Wilkinson, Jamie Jones, as well as Smokey Joe & the Kid who we recently covered

Shangri-La is a shimmering ephemeral city that appears magically, once a year, within Glastonbury Festival, with a deep history in outsider art and underground culture. The area is one massive interactive installation that is brought to life by a creative team of over 1,500 crew, performers and artists. Renowned for its influence, originality, artistic quality and attention to detail, this is a fantasy world to fall into, with layers upon layers to explore.

shangri-la-glasto-2016 -shangri-la-glasto-2016-Shangri La announces its Glastonbury Festival 2016 line up

A maze of alleyways is riddled with nano-venues, performers and installations, artworks and hidden doors. The area has a theme that will normally lasts about 3 years, slightly changing and expanding each chapter in the story. 

2016 The people of Shangri-La have lost their voices amongst the deceit and distractions of the mainstream media.
A new power resides over the this sensational, subversive city now that the media has gained full access to its inner workings and everyone’s personal lives. Shangri-Hell International Television has the monopoly on all media outlets, plus a new HQ to create more mind-controlling trite to make you feel better about yourselves.

But with the increase of media influence and technologies, A NEW MOVEMENT OF PEOPLE POWER IS RISING. Using art, music and a fuck ton of “likes” the people are claiming back their voices and power, hacking into the systems that control them, seeking the ultimate truth…

Twitter: @ShangrilaGlasto #mediahell #truthandlies
Instagram: shangrila_glasto

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