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ryan adams tour-ryan-adams-tickets-1155x770-Ryan Adams Announces 2015 Tour Dates

Ryan Adams has announced his return to the UK, with an extensive tour kicking off in February 2015. 

Following on from September’s release of his self-titled album, the Jacksonville singer returns next February, with dates including a headline show at London’s Eventim Apollo.

Ryan Adams tour dates:-

February 2015

19th Brighton, Dome

21st Leicester De Montfort Hall

24th  Edinburgh Usher Hall

25th Leeds 02 Academy

27th London Eventim Apollo

28th Wolverhampton Civic Hall

March 2015

1st Liverpool Guild Of Students

ryan-adams ryan adams tour-ryan-adams-Ryan Adams Announces 2015 Tour Dates

Tickets go onsale Friday 10 October // Presale begins Wednesday at 9a local with the password ‘GIMME’ and can be purchased at phentermine brand name india

Ryan Adams – Gimme Something Good


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