The Reytons – ‘It Was All So Monotonous’

South Yorkshire Indie Rockers, ‘The Reytons’ bring the voice of the streets back to fruition. Busting with the ‘Working Man Grit’ and the ‘No Bullshit’ ideals that we all fell in love with when the Arctic Monkeys burst onto the scene.

Their New EP ‘It Was All So Monotonous’ is incredible. The band hail from Sunny Doncaster and are composed of  Jonny Yerrell – Vocals, Joe O’Brien – Lead Guitar, Lee Holland – Bass Guitar and Sean O’Connor – Drums.

With a stunning 5 tracks on the EP, the lads have gone above and beyond to bring a smorgasbord of musical variety. This is a band that pulls no punches and makes no apologies. It’s safe to say that the lads EP has been eagerly awaited.

The first track I listened to was ‘A Slice Of Lime’, this tune is an infectious thrill ride that is just so cool… ‘He’s straight art getting plastered, covered in plaster’, ‘A pint of Best in his Visi Vest’, what a line.. Playing on the Yorkshire stereotype of Working Men’s Clubs and the ‘Meat Raffle’ and ‘Tick a Tote’ Friday night Bingo crowd, this is genius. The production is excellent and it has a raw edge which just sits perfectly with the whole aesthetic of the track. It has such deep roots but is played with such a happy vibe. The writer/writers need some serious Kudos as they have a knack for taking the undertone of serious issues and making it such an upbeat head bopping, knee tapping joy. They have created a music video for the lead track ‘A Slice of Lime’, which is both dramatic and comedic in equal measures and has a quality to it that belongs to a band with far more years on the clock. They certainly know what they want to say and how they want to be portrayed and have absolutely smashed it with the video. Having over 116k views and doing its rounds on both Facebook and Youtube, the video is a look into the working class routes of the words they portray. They will get this a lot I’ll bet but it is so reminiscent of early Arctic Monkeys, this is nothing to be ashamed of and this band isn’t in any way a carbon copy. I say this in the context of bringing the music to the common man and cleverly talking about everyday situations with wit and enthusiasm delivered with massive musical ability. A huge portion of modern music portrays a world more in keeping with the Kardashian’s than anybody else. This music is just so refreshing and what could be more refreshing than ‘A Slice Of Lime’. Check it out now on iTunes and Spotify, and check out the video (below), you will not be disappointed.

‘Clare’s Law’ was the second track I listened to on the EP, this was another epic rock and roll track which has serious undertones but such a catchy chorus line that you can’t help but sing along and rock out to. The lads have also filmed a video to this track as well which is nothing short of a punch to the gut. It’s both shock and awe honing in on domestic violence, and the very real struggle that is out there for the everyday person! The lads definitely aren’t afraid to tackle a serious issue. The music feels so close to home and isn’t afraid to be gritty. They seem to be the king of the one-liners and this is what makes the writing so brilliant… Intelligent writing can be everything in this game and putting this to a catchy rhythm that people can hone into is what bands like ‘The Courteeners’ have built a career on.  I cannot get enough of this track and can see it being a serious crowd pleaser, it is just so perfectly balanced and the chorus is absolute perfection.

The band seems to have gelled together amazingly and they honestly sound like they have been playing together for years. Having all come together from a variety of different bands the vision for something more looks to be right on track.  I haven’t been this excited about new music since I heard ‘Whatever you say I am, That’s what I’m not’. That album seriously changed modern music and I’ve been saying for a while that ‘Indie’ is making a comeback with South Yorkshire heading up the talent pool. It looks like we might have just met our front runners.

With a massive 5 tracks on the EP and so much for you to fill your boots with. I won’t spoil the surprise and dissect every track. But this is a five-star beauty that will keep you going through those upcoming summer months, well at least until the next release…

Check this out on iTunes and Spotify and get your copy now!!

We caught up with the lads for a quick chat

The videos are quite spectacular, who’s idea was it to create these and was this part of some ‘masterplan’ to get more media attention or was this a happy accident?

We needed to create a presence and get the ball rolling… So we thought that a music video on facebook would be a great start! We never at all imagined that the video would reach as many people as it has in so little time! When we sat down and formed ‘The Reytons’ our main focus was to be totally honest with our music and content… So I suppose for that reason, a lot of people can relate to us?

The guys who filmed and edited the videos are our good friends Oliver Brian Productions over in Sheffield!

How would you describe your particular style of music?

Musically I suppose the sound is indie rock but with a slight folk feel due to the lyrical content/story telling… But again, we never planned to make a certain type of music… We just started writing and this is what happened! We wanted to focus on making music we enjoy and if others liked it…. great!
What’s your songwriting process?

The songwriting process differs… Either Jonny will come up with a concept and walk into the room with catchy hook or a simple one liner “He’s a lover, She’s a fighter, Ten bob on its another all nighter” and we all grab our instruments and begin to build the track while Jonny sits on the floor with his notepad scribbling away… The track ‘Clare’s Law’ was written in the space of an hour like this! On other occasions, Joe will be sending us guitar riffs over WhatsApp and we will then Jam them out in the rehearsal rooms while Sean creates the arrangements and structure. If this inspires any lyrics to fall out, it makes the cut! We never write something or continue to write something because it ‘sounds good’ it has to mean something… that’s what we are all about!

Who are your biggest influences?

We all have a wide variety of music tastes… I wouldn’t say that influence comes from a certain band or artist, it comes from life and everyday people. We often sit in the studio and tell each other stories about our past, people we know or quite simply what we have been up to over the weekend… this is what influences our music the most! The track ‘Tallest Man In The Nightclub’ is a great example of this… Lee was telling us all about a bloke he was talking to who had recently found himself in a nightclub after many years of married life. The guy had said how he couldn’t believe how different it was. “It was full of kids, I’m only 5 foot 4 and I felt like the tallest man in the nightclub” – The track was born!

I’ve noticed that you’ve added the music to Spotify. There is a lot of discussion in the industry about whether streaming services do more harm than good. Do you feel they benefit new / up and coming Bands and Artists?

In all honesty, fuck knows? I suppose it’s a catch 22. On one hand, we need to deliver the product where there is a demand and on the other, we need to generate a revenue to continue. At this point we are just happy to gain exposure for our music, It is so easy for people to steal digital music these days anyway… If they want to pay for it, they will! – We like those people.

What shows have you got coming up, and what can we expect from the upcoming Live shows?

We are playing at the Plug in Sheffield on the 20th of May supporting Glass Caves… At this gig we will be performing the full EP and throwing in a few surprises!

We do have some festival bookings and a few announcements to make over the next few weeks… This will all be posted on our Facebook page soon!

Words by Stuart Bratby // An Indiescribable x Gig Addict Collaboration