Karma Club – Sixties

‘I’m not done now’, a stand out line on this song for me… No Karma Club, I agree, you are nowhere near done, it looks like you are only just beginning!

Formed organically in 2014, Karma Club, is a Grungy Synth Pop group drawing influence from current bands such as The 1975 and Foals to bands from the 80’s with Joy Division and The Cure. Influence seems to carry well with the lads from Bath, and they seem to have created a unique modern twist on a classic sound. The band is made up of Thomas Andrew (front man & synth), David Thomas (rhythm guitarist) and Connor Crabb (lead guitarist) – all a group of good friends who met at University with the same idea and drive to start a new music phenomena. I firmly believe they have the grit and soul to do just that.

I’m in LOVE with the synth, and what a stunning riff! This song is a little slice of Indie Funk, Its head bopping, feet shuffling, loveliness. The vocals of Thomas are impossible to escape from, once that vocal starts it catches you on a wave that just flows through you. There are so many elements to this track that are all flowing at once, but they don’t contrast, they blend together. The guitar work is fantastic, and the strength of the band all working as one brings this track so much charm. Its a mellow high that just keeps giving.

Bands like Karma Club are changing the landscape of current music and are bringing a fresh new look and feel to music that hasn’t been seen since the days of ‘Bowie’ and ‘Ziggy Stardust’. It looks like Karma Club are going from strength to strength with their infectious, pop infused Indie sounds. Pushing boundaries and trying different things and not being afraid to swim against the tide, this is what sets this band apart from the pack.

This isnt a one hit wonder, not by a long shot.. I’ve been a fan of this band for a while now after having heard one of their earlier tracks. I have this band in my ‘Ones To Watch 2017’ playlist, and I can’t get enough of the amazing sounds they are producing. The new EP ‘Smile, It’s Good For You’ is spectacular. Its Fresh and Funky and brings the groove, sporting a vast array of four quality tracks that show the strength and quality this band has. ‘Timelines’ is a great Summer track that will just electrify your feet! My Favourite track beside ‘Sixties’ was ‘Coming Over’, it just exudes Pure Class. Each track has its own identity and range and shows the depth and influences they have taken from but made their own.

I absolutely loved this track and the EP as a whole, I cannot wait for my next fix!!

Where can you find more Karma Club:

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Words by Stuart Bratby // An Indiescribable x Gig Addict collaboration