Glastonbury’s The Common announces line up

The Common is a nightlife area like no other festival offers from tribal temples and dark caves, incredible live music, ritualistic paint throwing, tomato fights, a Celtic Festival of the Dead, to a jaw-dropping waterfall. A fantastic Glastonbury Festival area to lose yourself in and do some exploring late at night when it comes alive


Stages and Venues include:
The Cave
The Rum Shack
The Temple
Los Artistas Bohemios

Highlights include: Kate Tempest, The Beatbox Collective, The Upbeats, John Fairhurst + many more

Get there Wednesday for Copper Dollar and the Rum Shack kick-offs, or Thursday for the Temple and Cave opening rituals. The Common’s epic Tomatina (aka ‘the fight of the tomatoes’) in The Temple generally takes place on the Sunday evening.

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Glastonbury festival image