Glastonbury 2016 ticket guide and tips

Glastonbury Festival 2016 tickets go on sale 7pm on Thursday, 1st October for coach packages and standard tickets will go on sale at 9am on Sunday, 4th October. As in previous years, Festival goers will be able to book a ticket by paying a £50 deposit per person.

Tickets are reserved with a deposit of £50 and cost a total of £220 each (plus a £5 booking fee). Festival goers opting for the coach package will pay extra for transport.

Expect tickets to sell out in under 30 minutes. There are 135,000 tickets up for grabs for Glasto 2016, that may sound like a lot but demand in recent years as simply outstripped supply. Tickets for this year’s event (2015) sold out in around 25 minutes in Oct 2014.


As part of the Festival’s continued commitment to green travel,  15,000 coach + ticket packages will – as in previous years – be sold in advance of the general sale. These coach + ticket packages will go on sale at 7pm BST on Thursday, 1st October, via, rewarding green travellers with the chance to be the first to secure their Glastonbury 2016 tickets.

Please remember if you opt to get a coach and ticket package, you MUST travel on the coach of your chosen destination. Don’t confuse these packages with buying a standard ticket and travelling to the festival by a National Express coach. You can still travel by coach if you opt to buy a standard ticket. 


Standard weekend tickets will go on sale at 9am BST on Sunday, 4th October. As in previous years, tickets will be sold exclusively at You may book up to six tickets per transaction. Festival goers will be able to book a ticket by paying a deposit, with the balance due in spring 2016.

Tips for getting Tickets

  • Transfer all ticket money into one account, remember only 6 tickets per transaction and only a £50 deposit per ticket is needed. Share the details of the bank account with all the people that are trying to get tickets. 
  • Be persistent, patient, and calm!
  • Be aware that tickets are not held whilst you’re entering your details, so you need to be ready to enter all your details quickly and accurately once you reach the booking page. Access to the booking page is limited to 10 minutes from the point you enter your registration details
  • If there is a group of you trying to get tickets make sure you have everyone’s registration numbers and postcodes.
  • If a number of your group is trying to get tickets don’t worry about double bookings as you can only buy 1 ticket per registration number
  • Have all the details you need ready to copy and paste
  • Try different links not just the “ticket homepage”
  • Arm your self with a laptop, tablet and phone and use as many IPs as possible. There is strength in numbers!
  • Have different devices on different internet connections trying for tickets.
  • Keep hitting F5 to refresh until you see the booking page.
  • Past advice from Glastonbury Festival has been to stick to one tab in one browser window.
  • If you get through to a booking page and it freezes DO NOT CLICK REFRESH, click back once
  • Keep in touch using Whatsapp, Facebook etc.

If you are unsuccessful remember there is always the resale of unwanted tickets in Spring, as well as the opportunity to work the festival for a number of charities and companies. Unpaid and paid opportunities are available with different shift patterns and chances to experience the festival.