Glastonbury: Secret sets and the festival’s hidden areas

Secret Sets

There will be two secret sets at William’s Green between 21:00 and 22:40 on Thursday. It’s become a tradition for William’s Green Stage to host a few unannounced sets on the Thursday evening, past guests have included The 1975, Wolf Alice, Local Natives…. 
Update: Two secret sets will be DMA’s and RatBoy

Another tradition was for a special guest to open the Other Stage on Friday morning. But this year James have already leaked that information, so the festival has announced the slot. But the good news is James are also expected to play Greenpeace stage at 7pm on Friday. 

Hot Chip front man Alexis Taylor will be playing the festival a few times, at the Crow’s Nest around 19:30 on Saturday. He will also be doing a Prince tribute DJ set on the Friday evening at Genosys in Block 9.


Radiohead – For months there has been speculation and whispers of Radiohead doing a secret set at Glastonbury. They have a big Glasto-shaped hole in their tour schedule.  The band are well rehearsed when it comes to surprising a Glastonbury crowd, having last popped up unannounced on the Park Stage back in 2011. Thom York also pops up around the site DJing. Michael Eavis himself mentioned their name while discussing this year’s festival at the Oxford Union back in May.
Kendrick Lamar – The Compton rapper is in the UK for his Hyde Park show supporting Florence on July 2. The reason he might play but is not being announced is due to his exclusive deal with BST Hyde Park.
 – Coldplay collaborator Rihanna just happens to in the country at the same time – with a day off for their performance on Sunday 26 June


Secret Glastonbury

The Underground Piano Bar

The stuff of Glastonbury legend – a hidden underground bar that does not appear on any maps or guides.  Said to be Michael Eavis’s favourite spot. Found at the Southern end of Dragon Field near the Green Crafts field. The security may have a strange demand before you enter! With only about 30 person capacity, it’s one in, one out.  

The Rabbit Hole

The tent above The Park Stage is always packed and has some unlikely acts at odd times of day. There are two parts to the Rabbit Hole. One thats fairly easy to get in and one that opens in the evening – you may have to answer a riddle or entertain a rabbit, followed by some (carrot) vodka, then crawl through a long tunnel! Spoiler: look for the big queue!  

Shangri La

The legendary after-hours area – Shangri-La. Exploration and discovery is an important aspect of  Shangri-la. A maze of alleyways is riddled with nano-venues, performers and installations, artworks and hidden doors. You can literally get lost in Shangri-La, look out for them hidden doors.

The Crows Nest

Situated at the top of the festival site across from The Park. Not a hidden venue but a place to see the most intimate performances with special guests in a very cosy tent. See the chalk board outside the venue. 

Tunnel short cuts

A tunnel with decorations and ambient sounds can found between Green Futures and Greenpeace.

Flushing toilets!!!

If you are not keen on the composting toilets or long drops that usually provide relief here, seek out the two rows of flushing toilets on the northern edge of the site, near the medical centre.

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