Glastonbury Festival Area Guide

Are you confused by the recent announcements?

Want to get familiar with some of the areas?

Well fear not Gig Addict is here to explain and give a quick guide! 

This year the festival has decided to take an approach to give each area its time to shine and announce its own line up. Recently you may have noticed headlines like “Field of Avalon announces Glasto line up” and wonder what the hell does that actually mean!

Glastonbury Festival is massive and can have over 100 stages, with each one in a themed area. So when it comes to make a big announcement it can be overwhelming for someone to read through all the acts playing. So the organisers have released the line up in bite-sized chunks with the help of the areas.

In many ways, Glastonbury Festival is like loads of different festivals and events converging on the same gorgeous countryside for the weekend. Each area of the Festival has its own character, its own loyal fans and its own special attractions. The dance area (Silver Hayes) alone is as big or bigger than some festivals and areas like The Glade has a better line up than a lot of small and medium sized festivals. Each area and stage can have its own booker and team of people organising it. 

Recent announcements:-

Avalon Field // Silver Hayes // Leftfield // The Glade // Shangri La // Arcadia

Here is our quick guide to the areas and their stages:-

[divider]Main Music Stages[/divider]

This is where you’re going to see the highest profile acts on the bill. The acts that cost the festival the most money! It can host crowds of anything from 7,000 to 100,000. These are the stages that gets the most media coverage. You are more likely to see mainstream/commercial acts from different genres but mostly pop, indie, rock and chart  

Pyramid Stage
The Other Stage
John Peel Stage

Pyramid Headliners: Foo Fighters, Kanye West, The Who // Featured artists: Ben Howard, Alabama Shakes, The Maccabees, Mary J Blige 


[divider]Silver Hayes[/divider]

Glastonbury’s reborn Dance Village. Sonic is the largest tent in the area and known as the headlining tent with a 7,000 capacity, it also hosts a silent disco every night. This area alone is bigger than some other festival’s  whole “arena” area. As the old name suggests it hosts mostly dance acts to use the broadest term.  

Heds Party
Wow Stage
The Gully
Pussy Parlure
The Blues
BBC Introducing

Feature Artists: Leftfield, George the Poet, Gorgon City, Jess Glynn


[divider]West Holts[/divider]

The West Holts stage has an amazing bill of “global future roots music”. Living legends share the bill with cutting-edge newcomers. From afro grooves to hip hop, reggae to techno, this is the stage for people who know that bass is the place.

Featured artists: George Clinton And Funkadelic/Parliament, Hot Chip



[divider]The Park[/divider]

The Park is on the south west tip of the site and is like a festival in itself with open air stages, late night bars and cafes, tee pee villages, art installations and an illuminated 17 metre Ribbon Tower that looks out over the entire Festival site. The Park is a must! If non of the park line up tickles your fancy make sure to go on the Thursday before the main music days start. The Park is great for late night fun. From the Silent Disco to one of Glastonbury’s best-kept secrets – The Rabbit Hole

The Park Stage
Bimble Inn
Stonebridge Bar
Rabbit Hole
Silent Disco

Feature Artists: Father John Misty, Gaz Coombes, Rhodes


[divider]Field of Avalon[/divider]

The Avalon field is just a great place to be; relax, listen to some wonderful music, eat wholesome food and generally soak up some legendary Glastonbury spirit! This area has a very laid back, feel good vibe and the acts tend to reflect that

Avalon Stage
Avalon Cafe

Feature Artists: The Zombies, Bear’s Den, Lulu


[divider]William’s Green[/divider]

William’s Green is just a great place sit, take a moment and watch the world go by, all the while enjoying the “Glastonbury Vibe”. Think of a classic English village green and you won’t be far from the look and feel of William’s Green. At the centre stands a 16 metre totem pole with signs pointing to every little venue on the Festival site, topped with a William’s Green weather vane. Despite main acts not scheduled until the Friday, warm up events over the course of the first two days take place across the site. William’s Green has a launch party with high energy sets from bands that play the festival later that weekend. You can also enjoy locally produced food from the various vendors forming an arc around the green.

Featured Artists: Declan McKenna (ETC Winner), Hooton Tennis Club
Watch out for special guests/tba acts on the Thursday night. We believe one of the acts to be Wolf Alice



[divider]Acoustic Field[/divider]

A place to chill listening to unplugged sounds from some top acts. The field is dominated by the Acoustic Stage. It’s situated in Norman’s Close – the field next to the Kidz field. As the name suggests acts perform acoustic sets in the large tent

Acoustic Stage
Pilton Palais – cinema tent

Feature Artists: The WaterboysStornoway, The Moody Blues

[divider]The Glade Area[/divider]

The Glade was spawned from the Avalon Field back in the late ’90s. Using the small triangle of poplar trees and mature woodland tucked below the embankment near the Other Stage. Party amongst the trees with a mainstream, experimentalism, beats and clubbing vibe

Glade Lounge
The Spike

Feature Artists: Public Service Broadcasting, Breakfast of Champions, Dub Pistols


The fire breathing recycled scrap monsters that mix flaming explosions, sculpture, architecture and adrenaline. Arcadia have a 360 degree inward facing soundfield. The music can only be heard within that circle, so please do step inside the outer ring of speakers for the full sonic experience.


Feature Artists: Annie Mac, Groove Armada, Skream 


The legendary after-hours area – Shangri-La. Exploration and discovery is an important aspect of  Shangri-la. A maze of alleyways is riddled with nano-venues, performers and installations, artworks and hidden doors. The area has a theme that will normally lasts about 3 years, slightly changing and expanding each chapter in the story.


Shangri La – Heaven
Shangri La – Hell
Shangri La  – Hell’s Occupied Corporate Headquarters
Micro venues
Love Bullets HQ

The Deluxe Diner
The Rocket Lounge

Feature Artists: Slaves, Fat White Family, The Skints 

[divider]The Common[/divider]

A night life area like no other festival offers from tribal temples and dark caves, incredible live music, ritualistic paint throwing, tomato fights, a Celtic Festival of the Dead, to a jaw-dropping waterfall.

Los Artistas Bohemios
The Cave
The Rum Shack
The Temple

Feature Acts: Jackmaster, Reggae Roast, Caspa


[divider]The Unfairground[/divider]

A collision of travelling amusements, with big top venues, twisted fairground side shows and installations created by legendary scrap pile art and party collective the Mutoid Waste Company.

[divider]Left Field[/divider]

Live music from bands with something to say, comedians who pull no punches and live debates 

Feature Artists: Frank Turner, Enter Shikari, Billy Bragg 

[divider]Theatre & Circus[/divider]

The area offers an amazing array of entertainment, from the sublime to the ridiculous; a plethora of astounding, breathtaking and thought provoking acts. 100s of walkabout performances, ground shows, installations, workshops and more

The Circus Field
Circus Big Top
Outside Circus Stage
Bella’s Field
Sensation Seekers Stage
Astrolabe Theatre
The Summer House

[divider]The Green Fields[/divider]

A chance to participate in new and old ways of living, keeping alive the vision and spirit that has inspired Glastonbury Festival since the first meet. A network of small fields from where you can look down on the immense, buzzing pop-up city. Here you can pick a quiet spot to relax, enjoy some wonderful organic food, be entertained in small intimate venues

Croissant Neuf
Green Kids Area
The Greencrafts Village
The Peace Garden
The Healing Field
Small World Stage
Toad Hall
Speakers Forum
Croissant Neuf

[divider]Kidz Field[/divider]

With all 12 year olds and under getting in free, The Kidz Field is Britain’s largest free children’s festival and is always a place of magic and wonder. All activities, shows and workshops in the field are FREE. Please note only adults with children can enter the field

Feature Acts: Professor Stephen Hawking, Dynamo

[divider]Block 9[/divider]

Block9 is one of Glastonbury’s legendary destinations for dance music aficionados. A 24-hour wonderland of heavyweight sound systems, underground nightclubs, huge artworks and extremely alternative performance, Block9 is home to three jaw-dropping installations:
NYC Downlow
London Underground




The Strummerville campfire continues the legacy of Joe Strummer’s campfire community at Glastonbury Festival where people can come to drink, stay warm, talk and laugh with like-minded souls anytime of day or night.

[divider]Stone Circle[/divider]

The best place to watch the sunrise and sunset at Glastonbury Festival. Being one of the highest points of the festival it’s great to watch the festival from afar. Stone Circle is a monument comprising of about 20 stones ranging from over 2.5 metres to approximately 1.5 metres in height. A mini Stonehenge replica . The atmosphere is unique to say the least

Glastonbury 2010

[divider]Highlight Video[/divider]

Don’t know what to expect away from the “main” stages and music? Then check out this video from 2013 by Skewiff