Exposure – Act Submission


We are creating a platform to share music of new, unsigned and/or up-and-coming artists.

Created to give bands and artists a voice behind the creative process of their visuals and sounds. We will give you EXPOSURE to festival lovers and indie music fans that visit our sites and use our social media platforms. 

Please be a rock / indie / singer-songwriter / folk or of a similar genre artist. Boundaries can be pushed and we are happy to here any submissions. Original material is preferred but not essential, as covers can sometimes be a complicated affair with the rights holder

email: craig@gigaddict.co.uk

SUBMISSION RULES:  Your video must be either an official music video, lyric video or live performance of you or your band.  DO NOT submit music or videos that you do not explicitly own the copyright for. By submitting to us you are confirming that you are the copyright holder and are eligible to be granting us to submit your video and it’s associated image.

Please note, submitting your band and video/track does not guarantee that we’ll feature you, it just means we’ll give you a listen.