Introducing John Parry

John Parry by Pip

In a world that sometimes seems overcrowded with posh kids with guitars and BRIT school graduates, 18 year old, East London singer-songwriter John Parry shines through with his supremely moody lead single and title track ‘Enough’ 

Parry is unafraid to tell his uncensored story, with songwriting that reflects his personality, intelligence, and sense of humor. His songs are inspired by real-life experiences and his blunt lyrics provocatively convey the messages of a young man exploring life, love, relationships and his surroundings.

The release of his self-produced EP, ‘‘Enough’, out 4th March, marks the debut release from the 18-year-old former winner of the XLP Arts Showcase.

His charismatic voice and warped love stories have paved the way for an ascent into the limelight as his fanbase swells after each landmark performance which has now included London’s Lovebox and supporting Fismoll at The Garage. After his initial success, Parry continued to build on the momentum with the releases ‘Dirty’, ‘Love Drunk Punch’ and ‘Druggie’. On ‘Druggie’ Parry occupies a darker mind-set in a universe that is explored further in ‘Enough’ – a universe that reflects his upbringing in East London.

John took the time to talk to us about being a young singer-songwriter in London

‘Enough’ feels as if you are justifying your decision to make music. Is there a story behind that?

I was in a relationship that wasn’t doing me any good at the time. She was used to stock brokers and money – not someone who was trying to write and perform songs for a living. She made me feel shit about what I was doing. I questioned myself and thought music wasn’t the best thing to do but after a couple of months of trying to be someone I wasn’t, I thought ‘f*ck this’, wrote ‘Enough’ and met my manager and started doing what I wanted to do.

How was it making the video for the new single?

I got a chest infection from having my head down the toilet that’s still not gone away. I was tipsy from drinking everyone’s cider and it was one of the most awkward things I’ve done, but it come out great and was the sickest experience I’ve had. So it was worth the pain.

There is quite a contrast in your tracks – Enough, Love Drunk Punch and Dirty. Do you feel your mood at the time can influence the songwriting?

I’m still developing as a songwriter and I rely very much on life experiences and my mood, but my songs are taking a darker turn, which I think compliments the venues I have been playing in. I pride myself on the songs I write being 100% true experiences. A girl found out ‘Dirty’ was about her by the lyrics and she went mental.

Living in London do you feel that benefits you as a musician or do you find the scene is fairly crowded?

It’s good – because you do get a lot of posh boys with funny haircuts, who sing songs about stuff they have never experienced. But none have a cockney accent and experiences like mine from being born in east London. It’s good but I’m not going to lie and say it’s the greatest thing ever. It’s scary and worrying to know people are striving for the same thing as me.

Looking forward to the summer, any more tour plans or festival appearances in the pipeline?

We’re in the midst of planning for the summer but I’m currently fully focused on my EP release party on 4th March.

On Friday 4th of March, John will be releasing his debut EP, Enough, and to celebrate he’s hosting a Pop-Up Shop Release Party. The event will take place at a secret location in Poplar. Check here for more deatils

Where can you find John Parry?