Daz Cadwallander – Feeling Blue

There must be something in the water in South Yorkshire. It seems to have become a hot bed of unbelievable talent and creativity. Amongst those up and comers and fighting his way through to the top of the Food Chain is Daz Cadwallander.

Fresh from his debut single ‘Can’t We Just Get Along’, the Lad from South Yorkshire is riding high. Getting radio airplay and stunning praise from all who see him live, it seems like the only way is up for young Daz. Having been signed to Stephenson Records and on the brink of his upcoming four song EP, it would seem the last thing that Daz should be feeling is ‘Blue’, but ‘Feeling Blue’ is the latest musing of the poet and lyricist Daz and his guitar.

I have had the privilege of being provided with the early release of the new single and it is a groove filled beauty! This song has been a heavy feature in my playlist since it landed on my desk. This is definitely a change of pace from his first single and this change just shows the versatility and quality that this young artist has. It’s easy to see why Daz has been picked up by Stephenson Records at such an early stage in his career. His voice is so unique and he works so hard at his art. Having a packed schedule and fresh off his latest gig at Maida Vale supporting the York Powerhouse, Faux Pas, Daz is a tour de force with the vocals to back up his amazing guitar work.

‘Feeling Blue’, the words of the song are hauntingly beautiful and almost sad in a way. They evoke so much emotion, but the mood is flipped and this sad vibe is replaced by a happy, almost joyous feeling which is brought to life by the incredible string work and the thumping beat of the drums. The flow of the song is so upbeat and the guitar work is spectacular. The chorus really brings the song to life and Daz has a voice that is so enchanting and melodic. The song is so original, and although Daz has numerous mainstream influences, this doesn’t show through in his writing and delivery. It is so refreshing to see a true talent taking things in their own direction. The production is perfect with the change in beat and the clapping in harmony with the drums, it just gives the song so much depth! This is certainly a tune to get your feet tapping and smiling. I am genuinely excited about the new music that this artist is producing and cannot wait for the next song.

Find Daz Cadwallander:
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We Had A Quick Chat With Daz

I’ve noticed the sound on the new single is quite different to the first single, was this a conscious decision to try and create variety or was this a happy accident?

In regards to the Sound I did want something different. The double vocals and drums on the Chorus give it that something extra and the catchiness I was looking for.

How would you describe your particular style of music?

I think my style of music fits into an Indie/Rock – Singer/Songwriter category. I’d like to think I write music people can relate to. Melodic phrasing and chords and I play whatever feels right and suited to where I’m trying to get to. If people are moving their feet, clapping their hands and nodding their heads then it’s all good.

What’s your songwriting process?

My songwriting process is probably back to front (haha!). I’m not saying I don’t think of idea’s and subjects to write songs about while I haven’t got a guitar in my hand but all of the songs which I play and have written and finished to date have started from improvising. I play Chords in a certain structure, playing around with different phrasing and lyrics and if I get into something I like and it feels right I’ll relate it to the subject I’m thinking of at the time and start to write the structure of the song. For example I never had the idea of Feeling Blue in my head, the morning after my first ever gig I started playing different chord progressions in my Kitchen and an hour or 2 later I’d written Feeling Blue. Once I start writing a song and I’m in the moment, everything else goes out the window and that’s the main focus.

Who are your biggest influences?

I have a varied selection of influences both modern and from 60’s and 70’s, mainly bands, singer/songwriters and iconic characters. From the later days I love artists/bands such as Simon and Garfunkel/Paul Simon, Dire Straights/Mark Knopfler, The full Fleetwood Mac brigade, The Beatles/John Lennon, Don Maclean just to name a few. In regards to more recent times I Love Bands/Artists such as The Smiths, Oasis/Noel Gallagher, The Verve/Richard Ashcroft, Nirvana/Kurt Cobain, Arctic Monkeys/Alex Turner, Tracy Chapman and most recently The DMA’s and Catfish and The Bottlemen.

In regards to my songwriting I feel the biggest influence has been from the modern Rock / Indie era as I can relate more to the modern society, but for me what makes all of these a massive influence to me is that the songs which they have released are timeless. I can stick on an album from any of the above and no matter what mood I’m in I can always listen, relate and dance around like a nutcase if I want to! For that period of time its just you and the music.

I’ve noticed that you’ve added the music to Spotify. There is a lot of discussion in the industry about whether streaming services do more harm than good. Do you feel they benefit new / up and coming Bands and Artists?

For me personally up and coming within the industry, I feel that branching out and getting as many people to listen to my new releases as possible can only be a good thing. If you happen to get on established playlists within a Genre your music is within then this can also help to build a fan base.

What shows have you got coming up, and what can we expect from the upcoming Live shows?

I have a few shows coming up in the next few months and will be looking to add more.

These are…

30th April @ The Queen Vic, Darfield

27th May @ Indiefield Festival, Edlington

16th June @ Muberry Tavern, Sheffield for Reyt Good Music Magazine

17th June @ Live In Barnsley Festival

23rd June @ Opium No 10 supporting TOM HINGLEY from INSPIRAL CARPETS

I’m currently working on new material and have original songs in my sets which haven’t yet been released so there is a few treats for anyone who comes to the future sets!

Words by Stuart Bratby // An Indiescribable x Gig Addict Collaboration