About Us

Gig Addict brings you the latest gig and festival news, and rumours, as well as providing the hottest concert and festival tickets. 

Gig Addict helps music fans to find tickets for the artists, gigs, tours and festivals they love, listing tickets from official ticket agencies. We are huge music fans ourselves and will be part of the crowd with you. We cut out the crap and just give fans the information they want – when their favourite bands and acts are touring, how much and where to buy a ticket.

We are not fans of the secondary ticket market with markups on tickets. We are music fans first and foremost, operating the site accordingly. We do work with official primary ticket outlets through affiliate partnerships. If you are buying tickets or music help keep Gig Addict alive and use one of our affiliate links.

Based on coverage on Gig Addict and our related domains from time to time we receive tickets for events from press agencies and promoters. These tickets are mostly press accredited or guest tickets some include upgrades in return for extensive coverage of the event (pre, during and post). The tickets do not affect the type of coverage the event receives. All events receive neutral editorials and honest post coverage reviews.